Vivid 2.0: The beginning…

By: Dimitris Semsis

This previous Wednesday (June the 24th) was especially important for our company. For the first time after the quarantine was lifted, we spent an entire day as a complete team, without being distracted by emails, laptops, smartphones, or a barrage of Zoom calls. Our location of choice was none other than Cape Sounio—the promontory at the southernmost tip of the Attica peninsula.


The purpose of this excursion—next to the iconic Temple of Poseidon—was to reflect, to ponder about our current status and the future status we might want to achieve. We wished to reinvent the basis of the existence of our entire company, in order to match the constantly changing environment that we have found ourselves in recently. It would be pretentious of us not to do so, as we preach these exact principles to all of our clients. 


Vivid Vibes’s first two years were especially condensed, including several differing stages throughout that time-span. The company started as a simple idea: it grew to include two people, it started having projects rolling in one after the other, and it slowly built the character and ethics that define it. Today, this base needs to be expanded and enriched, so that we can better support the needs of our customers and the overall world of business. 


The questions that emerged from this process were several, with the most important ones being: “What type of legacy do we want to leave behind, as far as the world of business is concerned? What role do we want for Vivid Vibes to have in regard to society at large? As far as terminology and ethics are concerned, how do we want this new version of our company to be perceived as?” 


The key here is the word “sustainability”. Sustainability when it comes to the environment, corporations, work, and society in general. The world is collectively seeking out sustainable solutions to incorporate into everyday life; we wish to offer solutions for this ever-expanding need. Gone are the days where a company could get away with shallow decision-making, taking actions based on a superficial acknowledgement of their moral “correctness”. For a professional entity to be truly sustainable—be it a small business or a gigantic corporation—all changes must be implemented at a core cultural level.  


How can people, through their assigned roles, work towards achieving sustainability? The answer lies in understanding personal responsibility and the broader parameters of accountability. To be accountable, when speaking in terms of business, is to understand that you are part of a far larger structure. You are but a speck in a massive ecosystem, and your actions have an effect on those that surround you. 


We, at Vivid Vibes, want to act as a link—connecting businesses and corporate entities with their greater and immediate surroundings. Only by assessing our actions, and understanding the impact they might potentially have, does working towards a truly sustainable mindset become possible. 


This new course we have chosen to follow also has some practical aspects to it. One of our first priorities in that regard is to diminish the total energy footprint of our office building and our lifestyle. Also, we are actively trying to reduce our daily use of plastics—we do this not because of some rudimentary understanding that it is “right”, but because we recognize the many issues that are created within our greater surroundings by such actions. Moreover, we ought to create sustainable services of our own—services that can stand the test of time and improve the quality of life for the affected business and its employees. This extends to our broader business positioning, as we plan to create inclusive and sustainable work structures and positions based on such principles. 


This is just the start for us, the beginning of the beginning—the very first step in a great journey that we have to complete. At the end of this journey lie the true values of the term “sustainability”. 


Looking back, there have been many businesses and individuals that have honored us with their trust—and still do to this day. This trust will be the factor that drives us forward, so that we can become more valuable to them and society at large.  


We ask that you share with us your thoughts and concerns, so that we might include them in our future plans.  


Stay Tuned for the next chapter, as we sail towards our newfound and improved purpose! 

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