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Vassilis Vassiliades

People who don’t feel like they’re working towards a larger goal or with a sense of purpose are putting themselves and their company at a disadvantage. More than 70% percent of workers dislike what they do for a living. This poor engagement at work is costing billions in loss of productivity. As the global workforce undergoes rapid change, you must become a purpose driven organisation.


Learn about Purpose through everyday life stories. How to reveal, define and process the purpose of your organisation. How to communicate and create meaning for you and your employees towards a purposeful business transformation.


Vassilis inspires leaders and their teams to consider what it means to have a Purpose in your life and in the organisation you are working for. It isn’t about creating a trendy vision, stick it on the walls and try to wowing your employees. Purpose is about who you really are, what you stand for as a company and Vassilis gives you the concepts and the tools to make this possible.




  • The real notion of Purpose in our life
  • Identify your company’s Purpose
  • Learn from examples
  • “How to” align and engage workforce

There are many business challenges, models and tools to engage and improve productivity. Digital transformation, Customer Experience, Agile organisation, etc. But culture is holding most organisations back from creating an impact and really transform them to the “what the want to be” organisation. Upgrading the culture is the solution, and every leader needs to know the techniques on how to create a momentum of innovation and change in an organisation with entrenched culture.


Vassilis inspires leaders and their teams to consider what it means to develop a culture. It isn’t about creating a culture of cool lounge areas with massage rooms, wowing employees and customers. Culture is about who we really are, what we stand for, how we relate and interact to each other and Vassilis gives you the concepts and the tools to make this possible.




  • Get informed by examples on how a culture is formed
  • Identify your cultural pattern and key drivers
  • Learn techniques to start a culture upgrade
  • Understand what not to do both individually and as a team
  • Live experiment – create a CX culture in practice

Most organisations are increasingly called upon to address a variety of challenging situations with different generations. A common problem among employees and management from all generations is that many hold negative stereotypes about the others. Each generation brings its own unique strengths to the table and it’s important for leadership to capitalise and not bury these strengths.


Vassilis inspires leaders to turn the generational gap problem into an advantage by overcoming the preconceived notions each generation has about the other and create a working environment of efficient staff that is greater than the sum of its parts.




  • Generation Gap, Problem or Opportunity?
  • Understand the main patterns of each generation
  • Build an inclusive working environment

Live experiment – Are you inclusive?

This is a pure experiential and highly emotional keynote. Vassilis explains that we all struggle with things in our life but sharing them is not a sign of weakness, it’s actually an incredibly powerful way to build trust.


As leaders, it’s very important to remember that our colleagues usually know if something is not working. They just want to know whether we have the courage to tell them. By stepping up and being vulnerable, sharing our struggles and failures, we create a space that will allow our organisation to get to the next level.




  • More self-aware
  • Self motivated
  • More open to try new things
  • Emotionally connected with the group

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