Customer Experience (CX)

Put the customer at the center of everything you do

Customer Experience is about putting the customer needs at the center of what a company does, and ensuring that in every interaction the customer has a flawless experience. Side by side with Customer Experience we always put in focus the Employee Experience, since it is a necessary prerequisite to achieve superior and differentiated Customer Experience. Remember, what happens inside the company is ultimately reflected to the customer.


We’ll help you build a Customer Experience mindset across the organisation that will become your point of difference.  Assess your organisation’s CX readiness so that we know where we need to focus and help you define the CX strategy taking into account your company’s purpose. We’ll help you build CX capabilities by introducing the 6 pillars of the  CXPA Framework and key CX tools and methodologies like customer personas, customer journeys and other design methodologies.

Indicative Tools & Services:



Understand and map the existing customer experience readiness, using various tools such as questionnaires, interviews, observation, etc.



This workshop is designed to introduce the key concepts of CX to the leadership team based on the CXPA framework, and link them to the Purpose and Culture Map.


CX Leadership

Coaching sessions will help the leaders to understand how their role impacts the Customer Experience in their company.



Our methodology to create and grow CX-Ambassador programs is based on the Tribal Leadership model and is designed to spread the CX spirit across the organisation.



This workshop covers all the basic concepts of CX and links them to your company’s CX strategy.  As one of the basic roll-out tools for CX, this workshop is implemented in exactly the same way throughout the organisation in order to ensure clarity and alignment.


Customer Journey
Mapping Workshop

One of the most effective ways to truly understand the customer’s perspective on all the touchpoints with your organisation, identify and address key weaknesses (pain points) and build superior experiences for your customer.

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