Helping to transform a family business to a purpose-driven company

The challenge

Marine Tours was established in 1980, and has grown from a family travel agency to one of the leading travel agencies in Greece, focusing on the B2B market, corporate and marine travel.  Throughout the years the family business mentality helped the company build a strong culture and a set of competencies that helped it grow at a fast pace.


In recent years, the travel industry has been significantly disrupted and the need for change in order to keep up with the dramatic changes of the industry was imperative.


In 2019, Marine Tours asked Vivid Vibes to help them transform their culture and build their differentiation through a Branded Customer Experience Culture.



Branded Customer Experience Culture


To achieve this transformation we started by assessing the company’s culture, and through our On Purpose workshop, helped the Leadership Team identify the company’s purpose, culture map and CX strategy.  Once the Leadership Team was confident about the direction they wanted to take the company, it was time to roll-out the program. Since the Leadership Team is at the core of the transformation, regular coaching sessions were set up to help them process and adopt the new behaviors necessary based on the new culture map, and lead their teams through the transformation.


The next step was to create an Ambassador program that would become the next ring of influence after the leadership team towards the new culture, before rolling out to the rest of the organisation.


Services: Culture, Customer Experience, Business Design
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