An Ambassador Program to supporting a Radical Culture Transformation

The Challenge

In March 2018, Philip Morris International announces globally its new vision for a Smoke-Free future and the launch of IQOS, the first heat not burn tobacco product.

Papastratos is a traditional tobacco company that was founded in 1930 in Greece and is now an affiliate of Philip Morris International. Following the new vision for a Smoke-Free future, a companywide transformation begins driven by this radical product innovation.

Everything had to change.  Production of traditional cigarettes would turn completely to the production of Heets (the tobacco sticks used with IQOS products) and the commercial organisation would launch a completely new business model, in less than a year.  As radical as the product innovation was, so was the change necessary to the company in order to turn it into a commercial success.

In 2018, Papastratos asked Vivid Vibes to help transform the company culture based on a set of new key behaviors, critical for the success of the new vision.



Thrivers, an ambassador program to lead the tribes


To achieve this transformation, we created an ambassador program based on the tribal leadership model.  Representatives of all tribes, official and unofficial, became part of an open group with a single purpose, to process the new vision and behaviors and apply them to their everyday work.


Using multiple tools and techniques, from open discussions, experiential workshops, coaching sessions, interviews, etc,  the team was able to gain a deep understanding and internalise the new behaviors, becoming not only an example for others, but also a guide.


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