The problem with great performance

By: Katerina Nikolaou

Our entire business culture has been built around the idea of command & control, a few people at the top who command the decisions and “control” the actions of the rest. The decisions are based on careful and detailed planning and analysis, and the people are “controlled” by performance evaluations.


The main assumptions here are that only a few people know what is best for the business and they make the decisions, while the rest of the people need to be controlled for maximizing the roll out of the decisions.


Every idea or task needs to be fully analyzed, approved & optimized to the maximum. We have been taught that this will make our company successful and build our competitive advantage.


This has given rise to a generation of professionals who strive to do things faster, better and at a much lower cost. An army of professionals that has become competitive for the sake of competition, that produces mass amounts of stress for them and everyone around them, who is struggling to adopt to the new market realities.



But, the market is moving at an ever-increasing pace, becoming more and more complex every day. It is humanly impossible to keep up in the new world, using old world logic and a lot of professionals find themselves at a dead-end!


Some corporations are beginning to realize what the startup universe has known for some time now. That the theory was right all along, the name of the game is value creation, the key decision maker is the consumer and that data is for validation, not accountability!


The journey of corporate innovation is not just a process to develop new products and services, it is a journey of transformation and fundamental mindset shift. A mindset shift that will enable the organization and its employees to grow in the new market realities.

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