Work psychology workshop for reduced job stress, time management and team communication

The Challenge

Over the last years Cardlink expanded its activities and employee number due to the increased demand for electronic financial transactions in Greece.


Cardlink is the largest payment acceptance network in Greece, with more than 250.000 POS terminals and 10.000 e-Commerce businesses. They collaborate with all major banks and accept all types of cards.


Following the strikingly high increase of electronic financial transactions, the company expanded its employee network, as well as their workload. This meant that all these employees needed to be able to collaborate and work efficiently in order to tackle a stressful workload within tight time frames. This would set the grounds for even greater success for Cardlink.


In 2019, Cardlink asked Vivid Vibes to help its employees reduce their stress levels and be able to better cooperate with each other, based on new key behaviors, critical for the success of the new era for the company.



Work Psychology Workshop


To achieve this goal, we created a tailor-made workshop based on the reversed U-Stress model and the principles of Irvin Yalom’s model of group dynamics. Representatives of all Cardlink’s departments participated in small groups with the purpose of exploring new ways of team communication and task prioritization, in order  to apply them to their daily interactions and activities.


Using multiple tools and techniques, from open discussions, experiential workshops, coaching sessions, questionnaires, etc, the teams were able to gain and put into action, new ways of relating to colleagues and felt more equipped to manage a demanding work schedule.


Services: Team relations, job stress reduction, time management
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